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Alone Whatsapp Status:

Alone status for WhatsApp are the most searchable things for those who feel lonely. These types of being alone quotes are very effective for people who feel lonely and also this type of  alone quotes Fonts for Facebook and Whatsapp also helpful to let the person know your loneliness. Mostly after the breakup status people will search about alone status. If you’re trying to let your boyfriend or girlfriend know how you feel right now, then this kind of best alone shayari and wonderful lonely status will be the best choice for you and you can also read motivational whatsapp status


Its too hard to stay alone in life.


Restore myself when i’m alone


Sometimes you have to walk alone to just show you are strong enough.


Its better not to care someone who doesn’t care us.


I just nedd little time to…Recharge!


I am alone but i am alive.


It sucks to be alone, even when there are people all around you.


Loneliness is when u have nobody to say that you are alone.


lonely is not being alone, its  the feeling that no one cares.


I’m not alone because loneliness is always with me.


I’m so lonely broken Angel..

alone status

Behind those fake smiles their lies a lonely HEART.




Being alone is more painful than getting hurt.


I am alone but i am happy


Silence is the most powerful scream.


Just leave me alone… i know what to do


I love to live.


That Sad Moment When Ur Silence To Save Relation Consider As Ur Ego….


It’s so lonely when u don’t even know yourself.


1 day you will see what U lost. 1 day I will see what I gained.


I wish you were here with me right now. I’m so lonely & I miss you


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I am invisible,until someone needs me.


Lonelines is the universal problem of rich people.


To be alone is to be different, to B different is to be alone.


I feel crappy inside, like something just broke….!


Sometimes I Feel soo lonely in this world, like I don’t belong anywhere or with anyone.


Wake me up _when things are going right for once.


I Feel Like A Balloon. Looking Bright and Cheerful But Empty & Lonely Inside.


Tears are prayers too. & They travel to God when we can’t speak.


If Yu Left Me Without Any Reason, Plz Don’t Come Back With An Excuse.


Sometimes there is so much_ we feel but so little we can say.


Some nights I burn in the fire of, my own Thoughts.


Only U can put a smile on my face when i am sad..


Sometimes U need to run away just to see who will follow U..


The pain is there to remind Me that_ I am still alive.


I Just Need A Little Time Alone,,,To Recharge..


The worst loneliness is not to likes Urself.


I just want to feel that i’m important to someone.


Behind those fake smiles their lies a lonely heart…!!


The greatest pain that comes from luv is loving someone U can never have.


Smile and no one will see how broken U are inside.


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